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High Quality Customized Different Type of Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR SX460 for Stamford Replacement

High Quality Customized Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR SX460 for Stamford Replacement

Recently, we received many requests of customized AVR SX460, they have different requirements for Generator AVR sx460 for stamford replacement. So, we are here to share some types of SX460 AVR for generator for your choice, welcome to discuss more details with us.

1.For the silicon, we can provide hard type and soft type for your choice. The soft type is expensive than hard type silicon.
2.For the Case, we have white case and black case for your choice, the white case making process is complex than black case, so the price will be a little different.

3.Some customer request for “stamford” on the back side, this is illegal and risk to make it.

4. High quality type, with read capacity AVR SX460-A.

Let’s have a look at some pictures:

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