Automatic Mains Failure Compact Controller for Stand-by Operating Gen-sets Comap AMF20 AMF25 spec



Support of engines equipped with Electronic Control Unit (J1939 interface)

Comprehensive diagnostic messages; SPN/FMI codes; KWP2000 support 

Automatic or manual start/stop of the gen-set 

Push buttons for simple control, lamp test 

Graphic back-lit LCD display 128x64 pixels 

6 LED indicators 

Parameters adjustable via keyboard or PC 

Mains measurements (50/60 Hz): U1-U3, Hz 

Generator measurements (50/60 Hz): U1-U3, I1-I3, Hz, kW, kVAr, kWh 

Selectable protections alarm/ shutdown 

3 phase Generator protections - Over-/under voltage - Over-/under frequency - Current/voltage asymmetry - Overcurrent/overload 

3 phase AMF function - Over-/under frequency - Over-/under voltage - Voltage asymmetry 

Configurable analog inputs 

Battery voltage, engine speed (pick-up) measurement 

Configurable programmable binary inputs and outputs 

Warm-up and cooling functions n Generator C.B. and Mains C.B. control with feedback and return timer 

RS232 interface (AT-LINK CONV cable is necessary for IL-AMF 20) 

Modem communication support (IL-AMF 25 only) 

Dimensions 180x120 mm (front panel) 

Sealed to IP65



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