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AOT Team Expanding Group Building Activities

AOT Expanding group building activities

Unity and hard work, pioneering and enterprising, go all out and surpass ourselves


In order to enhance the emotional exchanges between colleagues, increase team cohesion, and create a positive, united and enterprising corporate culture. On December 1st, Xiamen AOT electronics company launched a group building activity with the theme of “Unity and Hard Work, Pioneering and Enterprising, Going All Out, Beyond Self”.

Team Style:

No.1 Rocket

No.2 Honor

No.3 Sunny

No.4 Free Style

High altitude bridge

At the end of each project, everyone will share their own experience and experience, and it will cover the clear setting of goals, accurate communication of instructions, mutual trust and tacit cooperation, and happy work.

This expansion of training activities allows everyone to get better relaxation in the aftermath of stressful work, and the team's execution and cohesiveness have been further enhanced, which also fully reflects the AOT team's work concept of "happy work, happy life".


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