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Huge Team Strength of China AOT Company

Huge team strength of China AOT Company

The expansion of the day was over. Although the time passed quickly, everyone had a good time, a deep feeling and a lot of gains.

Looking back at the day of rushing past—unity, collaboration, trust, and persistence, I was really moved. I saw each member helping each other and helping each other. In the face of many difficulties, I did not back down, persisted in the end, and accomplished the task well. The spirit is once again manifested to the fullest. No matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as this spirit is rooted in the heart, we will work together to eliminate all difficulties and achieve success.

The strong man is me, I can fly! I am the team song of our group, see how our Haiyan and Sun Peng are strong.
See the speed of trust again

Landing on the beach, the 3 teams won, this team is a master of structure, the car is easy to throw us out

But what is more profound is that the 2 teams have lost their water. At this moment, the competitions and rankings have become less important. What is important is that they will never retreat. They are not in a difficult position to fly, but in the teammates’ With help and encouragement, everyone sticks to the end and still transports all the items scattered on the water. The captain uses his mouth to bite their team flag and swim to the shore, leading his teammates to sing the team songs together to complete the task. The spirit is commendable. This is the real meaning. Victory on the top.

A wall with a height of 4 meters, no matter how capable a person can spend, it will not go up, but a team can pass smoothly. The strength of a person is limited, and the strength of a team is infinite, and everyone is integrated into the group to maximize the strength of the team.

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