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Generator AVR and Controller Shipped to Papua New Guinea

Generator AVR and Controller Shipped to Papua New Guinea

Thanks for Google search, we build this cooperation relationship via google search engine. We are very glad that Mr.Walter in the same market of diesel generator spare parts. After short conversation through phone call, he trust that we are professional in manufacturing generator spare parts.


Finally, Mr.Walter pick some popular models as sample order, such as generator avr gavr-12a, sx460, r230, r250, r438, r448; generator stop Solenoid XHQ-PT, fuel pump 2641A203 for Perkins, Generator Controller model 5110, dse720, dse702 for deep sea.

Look at our standard packing process: 


XIAMEN AOT ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD which has 15 years experience in diesel generator spare parts manufacturing. We provide full kinds of generator spare parts for engine replacement and other related electric products such as automatic transfer switch, electric Relay etc. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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