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Generator Engine Stop Solenoids XHQ-PT Shipped to South Africa

Thanks for Google research engine, we are very glad that Mr.Craig from South Africa trust us and built a business relationship with us.


He picked up 10PCS generator engine stop Solenoids XHQ-PT, 5pcs are normal opened, another 5pcs are normal closed type.


Engine Stop Solenoid XHQ-PT for Generator Parts 12V/24V adopting updated product design, optimized material selection, advanced manufacturing process and production technology.By long time testing, the parts has been proved to be the excellent with longer duration, higher quality, more reliable performance and lower maintenance cost.


Let’s check our standard export package:


XIAMEN AOT ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD which has 15 years experience in diesel generator spare parts manufacturing. We provide full kinds of generator spare parts for engine replacement and other related electric products such as automatic transfer switch, electric Relay etc. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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