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Why does the engine smoke white smoke?

Why does the engine smoke white smoke?


Cause of issue:

     The engine block temperature is too low; the fuel tank is placed too high, the maximum oil level exceeds 1.5 meters of the engine; the fuel quality is too poor, the water content exceeds the standard; the valve and injection timing are incorrect; the injector needs to be adjusted.



     Check the engine water temperature, turn on the engine water heater or run at no load (or low load) for 10-15 minutes. When the water temperature rises to 50-60°C, the smoke exhaust will gradually return to normal. Reduce the height of the engine fuel tank or oil level, ensure that the maximum oil level difference between the fuel tank and the engine oil pump is within 1.5 meters, prevent high oil pressure from accumulating fuel in the engine combustion chamber, resulting in incomplete combustion and white smoke. Check if the fuel is qualified. If necessary, drain the sewage from the bottom of the tank, and drain the water that may be deposited in the tank or the fuel with excessive water content to supplement the clean fuel that meets the requirements. Contact the generator manufacturer to adjust the valve and adjust the timing according to the technical specifications of the engine. Please contact the generator manufacturer for cleaning; clean and adjust the injector, check the injector chamber for wear and tear, and have any problems with the plunger top to replace the damaged parts.


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