What are the parts of generator and their function?

The diesel generator set is composed of many parts, and the function of the parts cannot be separated from the whole!


Diesel generator accessories include: silencer, fuel tank, oil pipeline, battery, water tank, fan, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, intake valve, exhaust valve, front and rear oil seal, crankshaft, crankshaft, connecting rod body, connecting rod , turbocharger, oil pump, grease nipple, fuel injector, seal ring, oil sump, top thrust pusher, lower thrust pusher, cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, tappet, push rod, bearing, oil pump , rocker arm, charger, starter, bracket, pulley, camshaft, camshaft gear, water pump, oil return pipe, flywheel housing, Generator AVR, Generator Controller, electronic governor Actuator, electronic Speed governor, intercooler, oil cooler, Fans, bolts, plungers, O-rings, voltmeters, ammeters, floating chargers, batteries, etc.


Generator AVR: it is an automatic Voltage Regulator for AC voltage stabilizer. The voltage regulator realizes the automatic adjustment of the generator output voltage by controlling the excitation current of the generator AC exciter. The generator voltage regulator can be used for ordinary 60/50Hz and medium frequency 400Hz single or parallel generators.


Generator Controller: The controller is the brain part of the generator set. It not only provides engine start-up, shutdown, data measurement, data display and fault protection, but also provides generator power measurement, power display and power protection.


Generator Actuator: Actuators are an essential part of an automated control system. Its function is to accept the control signal sent by the controller and change the size of the controlled medium to maintain the controlled variable at the required value or within a certain range.


Generator Speed Governor: It is a control device that controls the speed of the generator. Its task is to keep the engine speed at a constant speed and keep the engine speed at a preset speed without being affected by load changes. The core component is a Thyristor voltage regulator circuit that controls the output voltage level by changing the conduction angle of the thyristor.


Generator Float battery charger: The 12V24V automatically recognizes the battery charger type of smart charger, which is designed with a three-stage charging concept. The three-stage charging is first constant current, then constant voltage, and finally enters the floating charge mode. This charging method is beneficial to protect the battery.



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