Why does the diesel engine can't be stopped?

Why does the diesel engine can't be stopped?


Fault phenomenon


After the throttle control is returned to zero, the stop button is pressed, or the exhaust brake valve is closed (extinguished), the diesel engine still cannot be turned off.


The main reason why the throttle (extinguish) device does not work:


a. The accelerator pedal lever cannot be fully returned, and the fuel injection pump cannot be cut off.


b. The control cylinder of the exhaust brake system fails or the linkage mechanism is loose, causing the load control arm to fail to reach the oil stop position; the pressure in the air reservoir is insufficient, the air supply line is blocked or leaking, and the exhaust brake system does not function. .


C. The telescopic arm of the stop Solenoid valve cannot be returned due to inflexible rotation, card issuance, etc., or the elastic force of the telescopic arm return spring is insufficient to cause it to return, which may cause the diesel engine to stop extinguishing.

Diesel Engine Stop Solenoids


The main reason for abnormal oil or fuel entering the combustion chamber:


a. The oil (or oil and gas) in the oil sump enters the combustion chamber to participate in combustion due to ablation of the cylinder head gasket. After the shutdown button is closed, the diesel engine stops slowly (or it takes a long time for idle operation to stop).


b. Intake preheating device——The flame preheating plug is damaged or the preheating solenoid valve is damaged, so that a large amount of fuel leaks into the intake pipe through the preheating plug and enters the cylinder to participate in combustion. At this time, the diesel engine not only stops slowly but also has a deflagration phenomenon.


Electronically controlled diesel engine cannot be turned off


For electronically controlled diesel engines, the reason why the diesel engine cannot be turned off may be due to factors in the electronic control system. For example, although the stop button is turned off, the ECU control circuit of the diesel engine is not broken, so the diesel engine cannot be stopped.



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