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Generator AVR SX440 Manufacturer

Generator AVR SX440 Manufacturer


China AOT ELECTRONICS Company is specilized in diesel generator spare parts manufacturing. Especially producing generator AVR, Controller, Speed governor, Solenoids etc. We provide one stop solution for many kinds of diesel engine parts for original replacement.

We got an order from our friend in Iraq, who is a big dealer in their generator sparts market, here are some of the pictures of manufacturing for your reference:

Generator AVR SX440

Generator AVR SX440 Manufacturer AOT Electronics

Generator AVR SX440 Manufacturer China AOT Electronics

Contact: Ms.Lika (Sales)

Email / Skype:

Phone / Whatsapp/ Wechat: +86 159 8080 8150



Contact: Lika

Phone: 0086-15980808150

Tel: 0086-592-7161550


Add: Unit 1405, 2000 Xiangfu Road, Xiamen City, China

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