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How to determine if the AVR is faulty

If the Generator AVR fails, its performance is:

1. The generator does not generate electricity.

2. the generator terminal voltage fluctuations of 20% and can not be adjusted.

3. The voltage at the generator terminal suddenly rises (above 500V).



The easiest way to judge is to separate the positive and negative (marked) excitation of the AVR cable from the AVR.

The positive electrode of the battery (12V) of the generator set is connected to the positive pole of the excitation machine, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole of the excitation machine. After the battery is connected, the diesel engine is turned on.

If the terminal voltage of the generator is balanced in three phases and reaches the rated value, the AVR is damaged.

If the terminal voltage of the generator is balanced by three phases but lower than the rated value, there is a problem with the excitation and rectification of the generator.


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