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Generator Controller Unit DSE720 Shipped to Angola

Generator Controller Unit DSE720 Shipped to Angola

As we know that Angola's economy is dominated by agriculture and minerals, and there is also an oil refining industry, mainly distributed in the coastal area of Cabinda. Angola's economic potential is very high, and it has the potential to become one of Africa's richest countries in the future.

We are so happy to get inquiry from our friend in Angola, and he is a reseller of generator spare parts, after a simple negotiation about the quality and price, he finally choose to buy 3pcs generator control unit 720 from us as a trial order, this controller 720 is mainly for deepsea controller DSE720 replacement, with same function and reliable quality and reasonable price.

Let’s check the packing:

Generator Controller DSE720

Generator Control Unit DSE720

Generator Controller DSE720 packing

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