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New Product Generator AVR HVR-11

New Product Generator AVR HVR-11

Acoording to the market, HVR-11 were required more and more popular, after online investigating and getting customer’s feed back, we are ready to manufacturing this AVR HVR-11, HVR-11 is made for synchronous alternators made for automatic calibration and operations.

It is equipped with an RS485 & RS232 interface for communications when necessary.
This regulator shares many of the same characteristics of the SR7 automatic Voltage Regulator.

Let’s have a look at this freshly products:

Generator AVR HVR-11 Manufacturer

New Generator AVR HVR-11 Producer

China Generator AVR HVR-11 supplier

Contact: Lika (Sales)
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Contact: Lika

Phone: 0086-15980808150

Tel: 0086-592-7161550


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