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How to distinguish the common power and standby power of a diesel generator?

How to distinguish the common power and standby power of a diesel generator?


Many customers are struggling with various power values when purchasing diesel generator sets. First of all, customers are not professional after all. Second is the dishonesty of the business. Most of the international use of standby power, but domestic, AOT used to use common power. So how to distinguish common power and standby power?


Common power: the power value that a diesel generator can run continuously within 12 hours.


Standby power: The maximum power value reached in one hour within 12 operating hours.

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To put it simply, for example, if you buy a commonly used 100kw diesel generator set, its 12-hour operating power is 100kw, and the standby power may reach 110kw. However, if a 100kw diesel generator is purchased, its main power is likely to be between 80kw and 90kw. This has caused the diesel generator set have not enough power, which is very detrimental to the diesel generator set, greatly reducing the life of the diesel generator set and increasing the failure rate of the diesel generator set.


Therefore, diesel generators should be bought big but not small. The best power choice is to add about 10% of the actual power consumption.


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