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Diesel Generator Technical Question and Answer 21-30

Diesel Generator Technical Question and Answer 21-30

21. The voltage and frequency of a generator set with load are stable, but the current is unstable. Where are the problems?
A: The problem is that the customer's load is not stable, and the generator quality is absolutely no problem.

22. Is the actual output power of the generator based on the power meter or the current meter?
A: The current meter is used as the reference. The power meter is for reference only.

23. The frequency and voltage of a generator set are not stable. The question is whether it is an engine or a generator?
A: It lies in the engine.

24. The frequency of a generator set is stable, and the problem of voltage instability is whether it is an engine or a generator.
A: It lies in the generator.

25. The frequency of a generator set is not stable. What are the major problems?
A: The main problem lies in the unstable rotational speed of the generator.

26. What are the points that must be paid attention to in the use of diesel generator sets?
Answer: 1) The water in the tank must be sufficient and work within the allowable temperature range.
2) Lubrication oil must be in place, but not excessive, and keep working within the allowable pressure range.
3) The frequency is stable at about 50 Hz and the voltage is stable at about 400V.
4) Three-phase current is within the rated range.

27. What are the parts of the diesel generator set that need to be frequently replaced or cleaned?
A: Diesel filters, oil filters, air filters. (Individual units also have water filters)

28. What are the main advantages of brushless generators?
Answer: (1) Remove the maintenance of the carbon brush;
(2) Resistance to radio interference;
(3) Reduce loss of magnetization.

29. What is the general insulation level of domestic generators?
A: Domestic machine B; Marathon brand machine and Leroy Summa brand machine and Steinford brand machine are H class.

30. What gasoline engine engine fuel needs gasoline and oil blending?
A: Two-stroke gasoline engine.


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