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When was the world's first practical diesel engine born, where, and who was the inventor?

51. Why can't I turn off the load and turn it on?
Answer: With the load shutdown is an emergency shutdown, which has a greater impact on the unit. Operation with a load is a violation of the operation of the power generation equipment will cause damage.

52. What should I pay attention to when using diesel generators in winter?
Answer: 1) Pay attention to the fact that the water tank must not freeze. The precautionary method is to add special long-term anti-rust, anti-freeze liquid or use electric heating equipment to ensure the room temperature is above freezing point.

2) It is strictly forbidden to bake on fire.
3) The idling preheating time should be a little longer before the power can be sent.

53. What is the so-called three-phase four-wire system?
Answer: There are 4 outlets for the generator set, 3 of which are fire lines and 1 is zero line. The voltage between the live line and the live line is 380V. The line between the live and neutral lines is 220V.

54. What is the three-phase short circuit? What will happen?
Answer: There is no load between the live wires, and the direct short circuit is a three-phase short circuit. The consequences are terrible, and serious consequences can lead to machine damage.
55. What is the so-called reverse power transmission? What are the two serious consequences?
Answer: The situation that the self-supplied generator sends power to the city network is called reverse power transmission. There are two serious consequences:
a) If the city network is not powered off, the power supply of the city network and the self-supplied generator power supply will be out of parallel, and the unit will be destroyed. If the capacity of the self-supplied generator is large, the city network will also oscillate.
b) The city network has been shut down for maintenance, and its own generator is reversed. The power supply department maintenance personnel will be electrocuted.

56. When was the world's first practical diesel engine born, where, and who was the inventor? What is the current situation?
A: In 1897, the world's first diesel engine was born in Augsburg, Germany, and was invented by the founder of MAN, Rudolf Diesel. The current English name for the diesel engine is the founder's name Diesel.
Currently, the world's first diesel engine is stored in the exhibition hall of the German National Museum.


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