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Diesel Generator Technical Questions and Answers 31-40

31. Which six systems are included in the basic equipment of a diesel generator set?
Answer: (1) Oil lubrication system;
(2) Fuel system;
(3) Control and protection system;
(4) Cooling and cooling system;
(5) Exhaust system;
(6) Starting system;
32. Why do we try to advise our customers to use the motor oil recommended by our company in sales work?
A: Engine oil is the engine's blood. Once the customer uses unqualified engine oil, it will cause the engine to cause shaft bearing seizure, gear teething, crankshaft deformation and fracture and other serious accidents, until the whole aircraft is scrapped.
33. Why do you need to change the oil and oil filter after the new machine is used for a period of time?
Answer: The new machine will inevitably have impurities in the oil sump during the running-in period, which will cause physical or chemical changes in the oil and oil filter.
34. Why do we require customers to install the unit when the exhaust pipe is inclined 5-10 degrees downward?
Answer: To prevent rainwater from entering the exhaust pipe, serious accidents may occur.
35. General diesel engines are equipped with manual oil pumps and exhaust bolts. What is its role? A: Used to remove the air in the fuel pipe before starting.
36, how to divide the diesel generator automation level?
A: manual, self-starting, self-starting and automatic mains conversion cabinet, remote three remote control (remote control, telemetry, remote monitoring)
37. Why is the generator's outlet voltage standard 400V instead of 380V?
A: Because of the voltage drop after the outgoing line.
38. Why does it require the use of a diesel generator set to be airy?
A: The output of a diesel engine is directly affected by the amount of air sucked in and the air quality. The generator must have enough air to cool it. Therefore, the use of the venue must be airy.
39. Why shouldn't use tools to rotate the above three devices too tightly when installing the oil filter, diesel filter, and oil-water separator?
A: Because if the seal is rotated too tightly, the sealing ring will thermally expand under the effect of the oil bubble and the temperature of the body, causing great stress. Causes damage to the filter housing or separator housing itself. What's more serious is the damage to the body's aunt that cannot be repaired.
40. What are the benefits to customers who have purchased self-start but have not purchased an automatic conversion cabinet?
Answer: 1) Once a power outage occurs in the city network, the unit will start automatically to speed up the manual transmission time;
2) If the lighting line is taken out at the front end of the air switch, it can also ensure that the lighting of the engine room is not affected by the power outage, so as to facilitate the operation of the operator.


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