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Precautions to extend the life of the generator set

Precautions to extend the life of the generator set

1. After the new engine or the sealed engine is running (the first 50 hours), the following maintenance work is required:
Replace engine oil
Replace or wash the oil filter element
Re-tighten all bolts and screws
The new machine should try to avoid sudden increase in load or high speed operation

2. The cooling water should use soft water with less impurities. The hardness of the water near the mine or hot spring is high. It has a corrosive effect on the cylinder liner. It is easy to foul and affect the cooling effect. It should be used after being softened.

3. Lubricant recommended by the manufacturer should be used as much as possible. Different grades of lubricating oil should not be used in combination. Lubricants contain various additives. Lubricating properties of different brands of lubricants are mixed, causing abnormal wear of moving parts.

4. When filling the fuel tank, the filling port should be equipped with a filter and put the filter cloth better. The fuel should be left in the oil tank for more than 24 hours to make the water and impurities be used after precipitation. Usually, the daily fuel tank should be opened frequently. The drain plug drains the bottom water and sediment.

5, regular maintenance and planned maintenance is the key to prolong the service life of the engine, maintenance cycle and maintenance projects should be based on the use, use conditions and properties of fuel oil, lubricants, make appropriate adjustments, if necessary, advance maintenance, as much as possible by Professional technicians complete regular maintenance and maintenance.

High-quality imported diesel generating sets are often valuable, reasonable use, attention to routine maintenance, prevention of early wear and tear, prolong their service life, so that they always maintain a rapid start-up and investment in a good state of preparation, truly make the best use of.

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