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Diesel Generator Technical Questions and Answers 41-50

41. What conditions do the generator set meet before it can be turned on and off?
A: The water-cooled unit has a water temperature of 56 degrees Celsius.
Air cooling unit, body slightly hot. The voltage frequency is normal at no load. Oil pressure is normal. Before closing power transmission.
42. Why should the commissioning personnel thoroughly inspect all fixing bolts of the unit before they are fixed? Are all line interfaces intact?
Answer: After a long-distance transportation, the crew sometimes can't loose the bolt or loose the line interface or drop it. The light affects the debugging, and the weight damages the machine.
43. What level of energy is energy? What are the characteristics of AC?
A: Electric energy belongs to secondary energy sources. AC power is converted by mechanical energy. DC power is converted by chemical energy. The characteristics of AC power cannot be stored.
44. What does the common symbol GF of domestic generators mean?
A: On behalf of double meaning:
a) The power frequency generator set is suitable for China's general power 50HZ generator set.
b) Domestic generator sets.
45. Does the load on the generator must maintain three-phase balance during use?
Answer: Yes. The maximum deviation must not exceed 25%.
46. Which four strokes are four-stroke diesel engines?
A: Inhalation, compression, work, exhaust.
47. What is the biggest difference between a diesel engine and a gasoline engine?
Answer: 1) The cylinders are different in pressure. The diesel engine compresses air during the compression stroke phase; the gasoline engine compresses the gasoline and air mixture during the compression stroke phase.
2) Different ignition methods.
The diesel engine relies on atomized diesel fuel to spontaneous combustion with high pressure gas; the gasoline engine is ignited by a spark plug.
48. What does the “two-vote-three system” power system mean?
A: The second ticket refers to the work ticket and the operation ticket. That is, any work and operation performed on the power equipment. Must first receive the work ticket and operation ticket issued by the person in charge of duty. The parties must execute the ticket. The three systems refer to the handover system, the circuit inspection system, and the equipment switching system.
49. What is the order of load after power-on and power-off?
A: Take the load from big to small.
50, before the shutdown load off the order is what?
Answer: The load is removed from small to large in order, and finally shut down.


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