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What should I do if the diesel generator leaks?

What should I do if the diesel generator leaks

In the process of using a diesel generator set, the user may encounter some problems, and there is a problem of water leakage. AOT GENERATOR SPARE PARTS Specifically, what about the leakage of diesel generators?


1, sticky glue. If the water tank or water pipe is broken or there are small leaks caused by the air holes, we can clean the leaked parts and apply the glue.


2, padding. If the joint leaks here, we can add a thin plastic pad on both sides of the leak-proof ring and tighten it tightly.


3, paint liquid. If the joint is leaking, soak the paint in alcohol and clean the joints. Apply the paint to the seams.

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4, liquid sealant. If there is a leak due to the solid gasket, the leaking surface can be cleaned and then the liquid sealant can be applied.


5. If the water tank leaks, we can pliers to flatten the core tube at the leak.


In fact, there are many ways to solve the leakage of diesel generator sets. It is recommended to consult diesel generator manufacturers.


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