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Diesel Generator Maintenance and Repair Cycle

1. Check battery voltage and electrolyte specific gravity

The specific gravity of the electrolyte is measured by a hydrometer. This value should be 1.28-1.30 (at an ambient temperature of 20 °C), and should not be less than 1.27. At the same time, the liquid level should be 10-15mm higher than the plate. If it is insufficient, it should be filled with distilled water.

2. Check the tension of the transmission rubber belt of the fan, water pump and charger
Adjust the belt tightness according to the belt tension adjustment method if necessary

3. Cleaning machine oil pump, oil absorption coarse filter
If the oil pressure is unstable or low, the large window cover of the boot body must be removed, the coarse filter spring lock piece is opened, the filter is disassembled and placed in the diesel oil for cleaning, and then the net is blown.

4. Clean air filter
Replace the paper filter, or replace the oil in the inertia oil bath filter, clean the steel wool core and the cyclone, remove the dust from the dust pan, and check the sensitivity of the vacuum pressure indicator.

5. Cleaning the filter element in the snorkel
Take out the oil core in the oil filler port or the vent valve tube, put it in diesel or gasoline, wash it, soak it on the oil and put it on.

6. Replace or clean the fuel filter
Replace the disposable oil grid and paper filter, or remove the filter element and housing, clean the stencil core in kerosene, remove moisture and deposits from the housing.

7. Replace or clean the oil filter
Replace disposable oil and paper filters, cleaning blade filter and centrifugal fine filter rotor.

8. Cleaning the oil filter and inlet pipe of the turbocharger
Replace the disposable oil grid, or place the metal filter and tubing in kerosene to clean and dry to prevent dust and debris from being contaminated. The supercharger oil must be pre-filled during installation. Sealant should not be used on the pipe joint.

9. Replace the oil in the oil sump
Clean the oil in the oil pan and cooler pipe, flush the oil passage, and change the oil.

10. Filling with lubricating oil or grease
For all grease fittings and mechanical tachometer joints, add grease or oil that meets the requirements.

11. Cleaning the cooling water tank and radiator
Rinse the radiator with clean water, remove the sediment until the water is clean, and fill the radiator with special coolant.


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