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Does idle running have an adverse effect on the generator?

Does idle running have an adverse effect on the generator?

It is not good for the diesel generator to be in idle state. Under this operating condition, the generator set is unloaded. How should we solve this problem?


The generator is in an idle state for a long time, and the quality of the atomization of the unit will be reduced. The quality of the atomization is related to the injection pressure of the generator set, the injector aperture and the camshaft speed. When the camshaft speed is slow, the atomization quality will be deteriorated; for a long time of idle speed, the fuel combustion will not be complete, which will cause carbon deposition and blockage.

Generator Set idle running 

When the temperature of the coolant of the diesel generator set is too low, the fuel can not be completely burned out. The unburned fuel will affect the oil. Once the oil changes, the lubrication effect of each part of the unit will be affected, and the wear of the parts will be accelerated.


When running the generator, it must be avoided that the diesel generator is in an idle state, and reasonable operation will not cause damage to the generator, and its service life can be prolonged.


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