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Reasons and solutions for the failure of diesel genset to start

Reasons and solutions for the failure of diesel generator sets to start

What is the difficulty of starting and starting the diesel generator set? AOT Electronics to answer it:

1. Reason: The capacity of the diesel generator set to start the battery is insufficient. Solution: Maintain the battery (charge, refill), replace the battery if necessary.

2. Cause: The battery polarity is wrong or the contact is poor. Solution: Check the wiring, correct or connect reliably.

3. Cause: The control panel is not powered. Solution: Check if the miniature circuit breaker in the control panel is in the closing position, check the internal wiring.

4. Cause: The unit is in the fault protection state. Solution: Check and eliminate the fault, then reset

5. Cause: The emergency stop button is not reset (on the unit or remotely). Solution: Emergency stop switch reset

The reasons and solutions for diesel genset can not start

6. Reason: Some units (electric injection type) are electrically started too fast, and the EFI controller has not passed the self-test. Solution: Restart after reset on the control panel (pause 3 ~ 4 S)

7. Cause: Start Relay failure, solution: Replace this relay

8. Cause: Start motor failure, solution: analyze the cause and replace if necessary

9. Reason: The starter motor and the flywheel teeth cannot be coupled. Solution: Restart after a small angle.

10. Reason: The unit is stuck. Solution: First, there is no manual disc; if it is unable to drive, check thoroughly and find the reason.


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