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What is a high-pressure diesel generator set?

What is a high-pressure diesel generator set?

Diesel generator sets include high-pressure diesel generator sets and low-pressure diesel generator sets. What is a high-pressure diesel generator set? In fact, it means literally, high voltage.

High-Pressure Diesel Genset

At present, many large enterprises, coal mines, ports, airports, etc. purchase more high-pressure diesel generator sets. What we call high-pressure diesel generators are generally divided into 6kv and 10kv. The low-pressure diesel generators are generally 230 / 400V diesel generators on the market. High-pressure diesel generator sets are generally customized according to customer requirements.

The high-pressure diesel generator set can be used for both diesel and heavy oil. The high-voltage diesel generator set has high voltage regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, large capacity and long-distance power supply. The characteristics of the voltage waveform are small distortion, convenient maintenance and long service life. Of course, high-voltage generator sets use high-voltage generators, so the increase in voltage level makes their insulation requirements higher.

Generally speaking, high-pressure diesel generating sets need to be equipped with high-voltage cabinets.

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